Portfolio of Analysis

Chapter 1. My late mother told me that she wished I didn't sob when she passes away. Her reasoning was that it gives her comfort to know that she raised a man who isn't too sentimentally attached. I haven't fully grasp the wisdom of those words until now.

A test of conviction $clov

Conviction is neither a sentiment nor a belief but it straddles the metaphysics of hope and deep analysis. Daniel Kahneman's two system model explains the phenotype of conviction best.

We are built to have both modes to navigate a treacherous landscape of sentimentality

The purpose of this renewed interest of bountystash is to convey and wrap in a branded way of investment/trading mindset that portfolio analysis is at a point where it can transcend risk management and onto idea and theory-crafting a fearless mode of heroic investing. It will test your convictions. You will struggle as all small business owners do with the devastating consequences of failure. But the purpose of this mindset is to grow yourself and your capabilities beyond the reaches of your capital and affect positive outcomes and a third new way of dichromatic value vs growth. A ruptured Hegelian ethos is opportunity.

In short, bountystash attempts to transform portfolio analysis into a portfolio of analyses. You will need to have multiple tools in your toolkit and develop an agility beyond WB fundamental analysis or LTV:CAC ROIC growth type of analysis. The true Copernican revolution of marrying and unifying the spectrum of investing/trading must be one that is honest about the fundamental structure of price discovery and the self-similarity fractal-like structure of reason and sentimentality that both need to be conquered to arrive at heroic virtue investing.